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An Interview with Meredith Miller (How We Learned to Lie)

I grew up on Long Island in the 1970s and 80s. So that was weird. I worked in advertising photography in the city until one day an art director subjected me to a diatribe about how mink teddy bears were unethical. The thing is, the art director was wearing alligator shoes at the time. It seemed like a good moment to leave New York. I went to live on the beach in Oregon for a little while, and then to New Orleans for a longer while. Now I live in England. One time, a santero told me if I missed my chance to make a decision about where I wanted to live I would wind up wandering the world for the rest of my life. That turned out to be true. I’ve done a few degrees in English Literature and published some academic books. I’ve been an angry performance poet and learned to swallow fire. I’ve done itinerant farm work and been a cleaner in a leather bar. More about Author – Here

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Meredith Miller – How We Learned to Lie

Meredith Miller grew up in a large, unruly family on Long Island, NY, and now lives in the UK. She is a published short story writer and literary critic with a great love for big nineteenth-century novels and for the sea. Her short stories have appeared most recently in StandShort FictionProleAltHist, and The View from Here.

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