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This genre can stand alone, but romance is often a feature of other genres such as dystopian and supernatural literature.

Who I Was with Her – Nita Tyndall

Nita Tyndall is a passionate queer advocate and literary translator who writes the kinds of books they needed in high school. They have previously written for outlets like Autostraddle, and were part of the Lambda Literary Writer’s Retreat in 2017. This is their first book. They live in North Carolina.

Who I Was with Her
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The Pieces of Ourselves – Maggie Harcourt

Maggie Harcourt was born and raised in Wales, where she grew up dreaming of summer road trips and telling stories for a living. As well as studying Medieval Literature at UCL, Maggie has variously worked as a PA, a hotel chambermaid and for a French chef before realising her dreams and beginning to write full time.

She now lives just outside Bath, UK, where she can usually be found in a bookshop or somewhere near the river. She guards the secret of her favourite coffee shop jealously, because she has the perfect spot picked out there for people-watching.

The Pieces of Ourselves, Usborne April 2020
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