Who I Was with Her – Nita Tyndall

Nita Tyndall is a passionate queer advocate and literary translator who writes the kinds of books they needed in high school. They have previously written for outlets like Autostraddle, and were part of the Lambda Literary Writer’s Retreat in 2017. This is their first book. They live in North Carolina.

Who I Was with Her

Who I Was with Her is a lyrical contemporary YA novel about the complexities of grief, sexuality, and the secrets we choose to keep, perfect for fans of Nina LaCour.

There are two things that Corinne Parker knows to be true: that she is in love with Maggie Bailey, the captain of the rival high school’s cross-country team and her secret girlfriend of a year, and that she isn’t ready for anyone to know she’s bisexual.

But then Maggie dies, and Corinne quickly learns that the only thing worse than losing Maggie is being left heartbroken over a relationship no one knows existed. And to make things even more complicated, the only person she can turn to is Elissa—Maggie’s ex and the single person who understands how Corinne is feeling.

As Corinne struggles to make sense of her grief and what she truly wants out of life, she begins to have feelings for the last person she should fall for. But to move forward after losing Maggie, Corinne will have to learn to be honest with the people in her life . . . starting with herself.

CREATIVE PLAY WITH TIME: With chapters that alternate between the months leading up to Maggie’s death and the days after, Nita Tyndall creates a compelling portrait of first love and the overwhelming heartache of losing someone to whom you’re close.

COMPLEX, FLAWED PROTAGONIST: Corinne has a relatable, pitch-perfect voice that will be a great addition to the world of sweet, emotional literary romances.

THOUGHTFUL COMING-OUT STORY: Throughout the story Corinne struggles with the fact that since she never came out as bisexual when Maggie was alive, she’s unable to openly mourn her now that she’s dead. Nita thoughtfully explores the complexities of coming to terms with your sexuality and the fears of sharing your truth with the world.

COMPLICATED LOVE TRIANGLE: When Corinne finds herself spending more and more time with her dead girlfriend’s ex, she struggles with whether she’s betraying Maggie’s memory by developing feelings for someone else.

TALENTED DEBUT AUTHOR: This heart-wrenching, emotionally honest debut is just the beginning of what is sure to be a promising career for Nita.

On Sale Date: September 15, 2020 – HarperCollins

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