The Fascinators – Andrew Eliopulos

Andrew Eliopulos is a children’s book writer and editor. Originally from Georgia, Andrew graduated from the University of Chicago and now lives with his husband in Brooklyn, NY. His debut middle grade novel, The Spider Ring, was a CBC Children’s Choices Reading List Pick and a Grand Canyon Reader Award nominee. Andrew may or may not believe in magic.

The Fascinators – Andrew Eliopulos

A bewitching contemporary YA fantasy debut about a group of high school friends brought together by their love of magic, but divided by confusing crushes—and a dangerous underground group that wishes them harm.

This magic-infused YA novel about friendship, first love, and feeling out of place will bewitch fans of Rainbow Rowell and Maggie Stiefvater.

Living in a small town where magic is frowned upon, Sam needs his friends James and Delia—and their time together in their school’s magic club—to see him through to graduation.

But as soon as senior year starts, little cracks in their group begin to show. Sam may or may not be in love with James. Delia is growing more frustrated with their amateur magic club. And James reveals that he got mixed up with some sketchy magickers over the summer, putting a target on all their backs.

With so many fault lines threatening to derail his hopes for the year, Sam is forced to face the fact that the very love of magic that brought his group together is now tearing them apart—and there are some problems that no amount of magic can fix.

On Sale Date: May 12, 2020 – HarperTeen


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