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What to read during social isolation?

Half-empty streets, closed borders, people preparing as if the world will end tomorrow… The virus that spreads faster then it could be detected and contained… Yeah, it sounds like a great book plot, but sadly it has become a reality.

Governments all over the world are advising people to practice social isolation if they are not quarantined already. Gloomy weeks ahead of us, people. 

So I  was thinking… Instead of reading the news all day long and losing your patience because one tiny orange man who thinks he knows the best and there is no need for him to get tested and if you are even more annoyed after reading that article about underage girls attending his yacht parties during Look of the Year competitions in the nineties… Here is the list of dystopian books we believe is better to lose yourself into. 

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Bookscovery or how I realized that classics are not the only worthy books out there?

As readers, we all have a list of things we love and hate when it comes to books. We like prose or poetry, short stories or three-parts novels about Russian aristocracy in the 18th century. We prefer French existentialist writers, Dostoyevski or Tolstoy or none, romance novels or epic fantasy.  

Or supernatural characters. Well, I love paranormal novels – either romances or urban fantasy or something else. But my absolute favorite – stories about vampires. 

The story starts as any, I believe. I was a kid the first time I saw Dracula, a few years older when I read the book. Let us not forget Buffy The Vampire Slayer – my devotion to eternal bloodsuckers was set in stone with that TV show. 

And then came Anne Rice. Interview with a Vampire gave me nightmares, but I loved it. During my first year in high school, I randomly found Vampire Lestat in the library. I can not even remember how many times my sister and I reread it. From that point onward my encounters with these fictional predators happened only through movies. Queen of the Damned, Underworld, Blade, From Dusk Til Dawn… I lived unaware of the existence of so many books starring Lestats and Spikes. 

Until my final year at university. 

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