Review : Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls – Lynn Weingarten

Lynn Weingarten is a writer and editor of books. Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls will be her fourth young adult novel published in the USA, and her UK debut. She lives in Brooklyn, New York where she likes reading, eating snacks, playing with fluffy animals, and plotting ways for made up people to brutally murder each other.

When June met Delia, she was a lifeline. Their intense friendship gave her a sense of belonging, of security, that she’d never had before. She felt braver, smarter, funnier, more attractive when Delia was around. But then something went wrong, and Delia and June haven’t spoken for a year when an announcement is made at their school that Delia is dead.

June barely has time to mourn before Delia’s ex-boyfriend convinces her that Delia didn’t kill herself but was in fact murdered, and June is fast swept into a tangle of lies and deceit – and a conspiracy she can barely conceive of, never mind believe.

“Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for a person is to shield them from that which will not help them. Make the decision and then carry the burden yourself, bear the weight so that they don’t have to.”

When I began to read this book I went in completely blind and had  no clue what it was about. I didnt even read the blurb on the back. This book was on my tbr shelf for sooo long, and one day ( after 3 years, I know ) I decided to read it, and now I can tell – this was the best decision I could have made!

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is an incredible, heartbreaking read that really messes with your mind until the very end. This was amazing, shocking, very frustrating and sad. I loved this book, I really did, and I read  the whole book in one day, because it had me intrigued and curious, but that ending part… Oh, boy.

So, if you need good read, please read this book! You will not regret it.

  • ISBN:9781405271578
  • Publication Date: July 02, 2015 – Egmont Uk
  • Age Range:From 12 years

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