Find Me Falling – Fiona Vigo Marshall

Fiona Vigo Marshall is the author of the forthcoming novel  Find Me Falling, published by Fairlight Books on 21 March 2019.

After graduating from Somerville College, Oxford, Fiona started her career at a local newspaper. She then continued pursuing journalism in Mexico, working for the daily English language newspaper for Mexico City, The News, part of the Novedades group of Spanish language newspapers, covering news and features. On her return to London, Fiona worked as a publisher and freelance writer.

Her short stories and poems have been nominated for numerous awards, including the V. S. Pritchett Memorial Prize, which she won in 2016 with her short story The Street of Baths. Her work has also appeared in AmbitThe Royal Society of Literature ReviewThe London Journal of Fiction, and many other publications.

Find Me Falling is her debut novel.

Waste Island, a desolate backwater at the edge of England, home to lost talents, broken promises and unanswered prayers. Londoner Bonnie, a traumatised concert pianist, has found a refuge there, at a cliff-top house haunted by old memories and perhaps more.

When road sweeper Dominic hands her a ring he has found on the beach, they are drawn to each other with a destructive passion that neither are able to control…

‘Marshall’s evocation of the eerie alternate realities that are just a few misfiring neurones away for us all stays with the reader long after the last page is turned.’ – Dr Sallie Baxendale, Consultant Neuropsychologist, Department of Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy Institute of Neurology, UCL London

‘The beautiful, vibrating prose in Find Me Falling pulls the reader into the magical, shifting universe, not letting go until the very end.’ – Sophie van Llewyn, author of Bottled Goods

‘Fiona Vigo Marshall’s poetic style creates a haunting, mysterious atmosphere’ – Helen Stancey, author of The Madonna of the Pool

‘It’s a rare, rich and challenging work, full of the colours, smell and touch of the sea.‘ – Emma Timpany, author of Travelling in the Dark

On Sale Date : March 2019, Fairlight Books

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