Deposing Nathan – Zack Smedley

Zack Smedley is a twenty-two-year-old chemical engineer who recently graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. As a member of the LGBT community, his goal is to give a voice to queer young adults, through gritty, morally complex narratives. Deposing Nathan is his first novel.

Deposing Nathan

Heartbreaking but ultimately empowering, Deposing Nathan is a stunning story of a toxic friendship-turned-relationship that explores the layers and complexity of the coming out experience.

The summer after eleventh grade, Nate was stabbed in his front yard. The attacker: his best friend, Cameron. Now, Nate is being called to deliver a sworn statement that will get Cam convicted. But the problem is, the real story isn’t that easy or convenient—just like Nate and Cam’s relationship.

During the deposition, Nate is forced to come clean about all of the things he’s kept bottled up—like how his aunt isn’t as supportive and friendly as she seems to outsiders, how he cheated on his girlfriend, and how he and Cam are so much more than friends. 

Dark and literary, but still fast-paced and engrossing, Zach’s powerful debut novel tackles difficult subjects, but ends with a message of hope and empowerment.

On Sale Date: May 7, 2019

ISBN 9781624147357, 1624147356

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