Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

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Remember that time when you said you would never read another Shadowhunters book? And then you did. I feel you, I am guilty myself. 

To be honest, I didn’t even know that Cassandra Clare had written yet another book in her never-ending Shadowhunters universe. I stopped following what she had been writing a long time ago. In the last couple of weeks my bookstagram was flooded by people unpacking their Chain of Gold books. My first thought? Not again. Did I read the blurb for the first book in The Last Hours series? You can bet on it. Did I leave everything else to read a story about Will and Tessa’s kids? I will repeat, Will and Tessa’s kids. Duh.

Chain of Gold has everything that makes these books exciting to read: captivating storyline, recognizable characters and over 600 pages that you will read as if it is only 100.  

I prefer The Infernal Devices to The Mortal Instruments series because I believe it was much better written. The Mortal Instruments had too many soapy melodramatic moments, love triangles and never-ending starcrossed lovers suffering. Chain of Gold is 80% TID and 20% TMI. Which is good. The love story is not overly done, it focuses more on action and mystery of why there were no demon sightings in London for years. I would not recommend that you read this as your first Shadowhunters book ever. There are a lot of things that you wouldn’t understand because whole mythology was explained in other series and this one just continues the saga.

Whether you like or don’t like Casandra Clare’s novels, one thing must be admitted and that is how this author knows how to handle a lot of POVs at the same time without ruining the storyline. Each character’s voice appears at just the right time so you feel as if you are getting the bigger picture out of everything that is happening. 

The downside of the new Shadowhunters book is that it feels a little bit like something you have already read, which in a way is true. Clare uses all the tropes she had in her previous novels and mixes them up differently. She is smart because she knows this is a winning combination that will appeal to her massive fanbase. But it does leave you wondering if she will ever write a book that has nothing to do with teenage demon hunters no matter what era they live in. 

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