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Who I Was with Her – Nita Tyndall

Nita Tyndall is a passionate queer advocate and literary translator who writes the kinds of books they needed in high school. They have previously written for outlets like Autostraddle, and were part of the Lambda Literary Writer’s Retreat in 2017. This is their first book. They live in North Carolina.

Who I Was with Her
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Love Is For Losers – Wibke Brueggemann

Wibke Brueggemann grew up in northern Germany and the southern United States, but calls London her home. She originally studied acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts but ended up becoming a writer. She has a master’s in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University, where she was the recipient of the Bath Spa University Writing Award. Wibke enjoys traveling and is a clandestine lover of romantic poetry and Rennaissance art. Love Is for Losers is her debut novel. 

Love is for losers
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