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This is the kind of fiction that stands out, gets mentioned and recommended. Usually set in the recognisable present, contemporary fiction is realistic with contemporary characters, events and dialogue.

Bones of a Saint – Grant Farley

Grant Farley was an English teacher for over twenty-five years and has taught at a Santa Monica alternative school, a barrio junior high, and a Marine Science magnet in San Pedro. All the while, he worked on Bones of a Saint, and chapters from the book have been published in UCLA’s West/Word and Silk Road. Then one day his awesome wife insisted that he retire, which is when RJ’s story really took off. Now he spends his free time volunteering at a lighthouse.

Bones of a Saint
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Little Universes – Heather Demetrios

Heather Demetrios is the author of several critically acclaimed novels, including Something RealI’ll Meet You There, and Bad Romance, and the editor of the anthology Dear Heartbreak. When she isn’t spending time in imaginary places, you can find her traipsing around the world with her husband or telling one of her writer friends why meditation will totally change their lives.

Little Universes
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