Bones of a Saint – Grant Farley

Grant Farley was an English teacher for over twenty-five years and has taught at a Santa Monica alternative school, a barrio junior high, and a Marine Science magnet in San Pedro. All the while, he worked on Bones of a Saint, and chapters from the book have been published in UCLA’s West/Word and Silk Road. Then one day his awesome wife insisted that he retire, which is when RJ’s story really took off. Now he spends his free time volunteering at a lighthouse.

Bones of a Saint

Set in Northern California in the late ’70s, this timeless coming-of-age story illuminates the nature of evil, the art of storytelling, and the possibility of redemption.

Fifteen-year-old RJ Armante has never known a life outside his dead-end hometown of Arcangel. Nothing changes: it’s a one-gang town. The Blackjacks still rule as they have for generations, luring the poorest youth into their monopoly on petty crime. They’ve left him alone until now. RJ spends most of his time carrying his younger brother, Charley, otherwise in a wheelchair, around the valley.

But when the Blackjacks come knocking and enlist RJ to prey upon Mr. Leguin—an old man who gives the whole town the creeps—he hits his breaking point. And it’s not just about the Blackjacks. It’s about Charley. It’s about Roxanne, the girl he can’t reach because of an inexplicable moment in their past. It’s about the kids in his crew who have little or nothing to live for. In order to free himself of the Blackjacks’ stranglehold, RJ ends up in a fight to free Arcangel from its past.

On Sale Date: August 11, 2020 – Soho Teen

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